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Thermostatic Laser Soldering Machine

Thermostatic Laser Soldering Machine
Thermostatic Laser Soldering Machine
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Product Code : RD-BS30D
Brand Name : Radar Laser
Product Description
Thermostatic Laser Soldering Machine (RD-BS30D)
Working principle
  • Laser soldering machine is laser as heat source brazing technology, using laser beam whose excellent directionality and high power density, through laser beam optical systems will be gathered in a small area, utilizing laser beam direct illuminate the welding parts.
Products advantages
  1. Multi-axis intelligent platform can directly read the DPX,GEBER, etc; automatic operation, can process a variety of sophisticated soldering procedure.
  2. Coaxial CCD camera positioning and surveillance system for processing, can clearly present the soldering spot and correct alignment real-time to ensure the processing accuracy and automated production.
  3. Real-time temperature feedback system, directly control the temperature of the soldering spots and present temperature curve to ensure soldering yield. 
  4. Four points coaxial-laser beam, CCD, temperature, pilot laser; which perfectly solved the problem that soldering spots, pilot beam, imaging point, temperature testing point are coincident to avoid complex debugging.
Technical parameters
  • Model code  -  RD-BS30D
  • Laser device  -  Semeconductor  laser   
  • Laser power  -  30W,50W,80W
  • Optical fiber core diameter  -  200µm,400µm
  • Fiber connector  -  SMA905
  • Minimum focus flare  -  50-400µm
  • Cooling type  -  Wind cooling
  • positioning  -  CCD concentric automatic positioning 
  • Control system  -  PC control, temperature feedback, constant temperature welding 
  • Tin wire diameter  -  0.75mm (0.029)
  • Optional tin wire diameter  -  0.3-0.8mm
  • Power supply  -  220(110)V/50(60)Hz/ 1kVA 
  • dimension  -  613×670×774mm