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Knitting Machines
Knitting Machines
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Product Code : FY8852-12-III
Brand Name : FEIYA
Product Description

A) Yarn storage device:

Automatic high-speed yarn feeder which is between yarn bobbins and weave system can short yarn trip, which effectively reduces the yarn resistance. Automatic pre-storage yarn function can detect broken yarn effectively and warn quickly which guarantees the high quality of the fabric.


B) Touch screen:

User-friendly designed operating interface, Large-capacity memory and stable performance to make the operation easier.


C) Triangle bottom board:

Every triangle bottom board has three functions, which are circle knitting, doubling knitting and missed loop. Meanwhile, every system has the function of transfer and needle connecting. Triangle can switch swiftly and quickly. It also can control the position of every needle.


D) Take down cloth roller:

Smoothly controlled by the torque motor, it not only can weave different styles of fabric but also can reduce the damage of the fabric by pulling the fabric softly while weaving.


E) Single carrier with three systems:

Three groups of the compound triangle organization, proper promotion of the main motor power and special needle selection of eight-segmentation electromagnet will lead to the lower power consumption and higher efficiency during the weaving. So it substantially reduces the cost of the production.


F) Side tensioner:

Side tensioner is the last yarn tension controller. When the yarn is running, side tensioner can monitor the yarn and give it tension. At the same time, it can put away the loose yarn caused by the reversing of the carriage and some other factors during the weaving.


G) Yarn nozzle: 

8 pcs of the yarn nozzle can be used by any weaving system and they can change their position freely. According to the different weaving speed, controlling programme can adjust the stop position of the yarn nozzle. And special for weaving intarsia also can be fixed.

H) Scissor and clips:

The scissor and clips can cut the yarn which connects two pieces of fabric to reduce the waste of yarn and avoid the damage of the fabric.

I) Sinker System:

Sinker controlling system can be control each sinker which is fixed nearby the needle. So the sinker can control the old coil and new yarn of each needle to improve the quality and appearance of the complex fabric.


J) Take down comb system:

Controlled by the torque motor which can meet different pull requirement of fabric to make the fabric look more beautiful and uniform. While re-starting, it can reduce the waste yarn effectively, lower the production cost and improve the production efficiency.