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Computerized Direct Drive

Computerized Direct Drive
Computerized Direct Drive
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Product Code : HX6800TA-UTC2
Brand Name : HIKARI
Product Description
Generation Computerized Direct Drive
  1. The latest model super high speed overlock machine, it is two grades higher than M700 and the topmost speed can be 8000 rpm, which can improve the production efficiency greatly.
  2. More suitable for swiftly sewing lower anti-hot composite fiber, HR silicon oiling mechanism can decline needle bar's temperature, avoiding thread breakage, clothing melting.
  3. With the function of push button hand thread cutting can supply the assistance of thread trimming in emergency that the thread could not be cut off.
  4. The operation panel is flexible and convenient the distance of the thrum left in the front and end could be adjusted separately.
  5. Need not to be stopped to cut the sewing thread could improve the output more than 30% efficiently.
  6. Only suck at the instant of cutting thread, reduce noise, save energy, the electric power consumption of sucking is only 60W per set.
  7. New concept of machine head, generous, beautiful.
  8. The head side cover electronic devices within the subsidence head, fully built in structure, saving cost, improve stability makes more convenient maintenance.
  9. Shaft of presser foot was reformed from split into chassis one, more assembling, maintenance, saves the cost.
  10. The combination of design of feed dog rail, the performance of scraping oil is more effective and durable.
  11. The new presser foot safety switch is triggered pressure foot lever to improve the safety performance, very durable.
  12. The new upside down LED lights, more convenient operation and maintenance.
  13. New operating panel sensor function sewing environment applicable to a wider range, indoor sunlight intensity range.
  14. Head harness is equipped with electronic control wiring harness adapter box, harness arranged in neat, orderly, easy maintenance.
  15. Increase the spreading device, improve product quality of sewing, you can have several choices, before pull, full extension, shut down.
  16. Intelligent and accurate spreading, to solve the upper and lower fabric dislocation, improve the accuracy of sewn cloth and thread around the cut line accuracy.