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Computerized Bartacking / Buttoning Machine

Computerized Bartacking / Buttoning Machine
Computerized Bartacking / Buttoning Machine
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Product Code : HK2900SS
Brand Name : Hikari
Product Description
Computerized Bartacking / Buttoning Machine
  1. The first design of multi axis servo control system, compared with the original backward stepping motor system, effectively solves the phenomenon of stepping motor is easy to loss caused by broken needle and not reset under the situation of moving machinery, combined with the high speed cutting tool and the improved presser foot device, effectively shorten the set time, in order to achieve the world's fastest bar tacking machine, with the highest 3300 rpm model.
  2. When the machine does not work, the stepper motor is still energizing and making vast heat while the servo motor will not deliver power thus can sharply avoid machine ger heat and save energy as well. Meanwhile, due to advanced servo system there are no longer need the sensor mechanism which makes a more cleaner inner space, easier to maintain and save cost to replace a new sensor.
  3. Hikari's patented electronic thread clamp device the acclaimed thread clamp device function to the sets of bar tacking machine, effectively reduce the bird's nest phenomenon at the bottom of fabric, at the same time no longer need to thread wipe, end the dangerous of hurt the hands during the use.
  4. Dry machine head, avoid oil spill risk, needle bar adopt Me-DLC diameter coating, even without oil lubrication, still ensure the service life.
  5. The humanization of a thread function, starting this function, the needle bar automatic return, all thread clamp automatically release, makes the threading easier, faster, the machine head is also equipped with Hikari new around adjustable brightness LED lights, so lighting is more comprehensive.
  6. Use the advanced built in detection sensors, more stable than old safety switch, in order to ensure the safety of maintenance process.
  7. Integrated aluminium electric control box, ensures better cooling performance and has the higher strength, guarantee the safety of electronic components. Latest design of the control panel shows the optimal user interface and high resolution display screen gives you a sense of intuitive and bring lots of convenience. New type of touch key with faster responding instead of the traditional key that facing problems like aging, failure etc.